Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why an Energizer Smart Charger would make this Mom's life easier

My husband and I are both in members of Star Wars costuming groups. The costumes we sometimes wear have lights, fans to help keep us cool, or require sound effects. My husband's Darth Vader costume is powered by 1 9v and 8 AAs. They usually can make it through one event and need to be replaced.

It gets annoying having to change out the batteries all the time. Sometimes we find ourselves stealing batteries from our children's toys. That is kind of sad in my opinion. All of their favorite toys seem to be powered with AA batteries. So needless to say, we stock up on batteries. Rechargeable batteries would be a huge help to this family.

Having the SmartCharger might not replace my need for replacing those expensive batteries in total, but it will help save money and be a huge step in living green. I always feel guilty over the number of batteries we go through. I try to properly dispose of them. But with rechargeable batteries I can eliminate some waste.

Bloggers: I learned about this from J Leigh Designz and you can enter too. But hurry!! Energizer is only offering this to the first 200 blog topic posters.

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