Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day!

I am participating in this link up over a 5 Minutes for Mom. The question being asked is concerning Labor Day plans and/or traditions?

We really have never had any plans for Labor Day, even growing up. Growing up in the South, we always started school in August. It was always just a nice day off. We would usually do some sort of cooking out, but that was pretty much it.

My husband has the BBQ bug bad! Saturday, we were looking at meat smokers. I think he has found one for around $230 that he would be happy with. He has been trying out different types of smoking woods. This week's experiment has been Cherry wood. He also has been experimenting with spices, to create his own meat rub.

So far, we have smoked ribs, chicken breast,

chicken wings.

He is making plans to smoke a pork butt and beef brisket. He also has been researching different types of BBQ sauces. He has plans to start making his own sauce.

For Labor Day, The grill master will be manning the grill for 6 hours, while 2 racks of ribs smoke. If I were to win a years supply of ketchup, it would be put to good use, making BBQ sauce.


  1. Oh yummy! Sounds like you have quite a master chef in your house! Your pictures and talking about the yummy food has me drooling a bit :o)

  2. looks so delicious! Enjoy those last days of summer.