Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Hulabaloo- Monster Book Craft Post

My family and I are HUGE Harry Potter fans!    My favorite of the Harry Potter series is Prisoner of Azkaban.   In that movie, there is the great scene where Harry struggles with his monster book.

I absolutely love that book and wanted to try to recreate one for our home.  After some thought, I finally figured out how I would make it.    This project is fairly inexpensive to make.   I would say the grand total for the project is somewhere around $6 to $7.   But some of the materials I already had on hand.

This is a list of materials you will need: 

1 large book     I used one of my old college text books that I still had.  But, you could find something suitable at the Goodwill or other thrift store.

1  package of  teddy bear eyes,      These can be found at your local craft store, with doll making supplies.

faux fur,    you will need enough to cover your book.  

modeling clay

hot glue

gold and black spray paint

fake teeth   I purchased a pair at the $ store for this project. 

gold scrapbook letter stickers

Step 1.    Once you have selected a book,  lightly spray paint the page edges gold.   Allow time for those to dry.

Step 2.    Using the modeling clay, sculpt mounds for the eyes.

Step 3.   Cover the book with faux fur and use hot glue to hold in place.   You will want some extra on the book opening side to create tentacles.

Step 4.   Make small holes to insert the eyes into place.

Step 5.   Create tentacles by by folding and gluing pieces together, cut off excess.

Step 6.  Lightly spray paint the faux fur black and allow for dry time.   Apply the stickers to the fur. 

Step 7.   Glue  teeth into place.  You can add paint to these to make them look weathered.   Allow time to dry and

 It is not movie accurate, but you get the idea and looks great especially if you dress up as any of the Harry Potter characters.  


  1. So neat! I should try this at home! Thanks!

  2. I love it! I have been working on my own altered art for the last while and it's so much fun when I actually have time!

  3. This is awesome! It looks great :) I find myself shopping for a lot of movie/book related items lately and if I was in the market for some harry potter accessories I would totally be itching for this :D

  4. OMG that is awesome!!! My hubby and I are huge HP fans! you did a great job!