Friday, December 3, 2010

Annie Chun's "Taste a Little Adventure Asian Dinner Party” winner

I am so excited about this opportunity!   I entered the Annie Chun's contest and was among the 250 people selected to host an Asian dinner party. 

I love Asian food and culture, so this right up my alley.    While visiting their Facebook page, I learned something interesting about the creation of the chopsticks.    It is believed that chopsticks were created to
 symbolizea person's affinity for learning and peace.

           "Although its true origins are unknown, a Chinese legend notes that the philosopher Confucius, living in China around 500 B.C., influenced the development of chopsticks through his non-violent teachings. The widely-accepted belief was that because knives were associated with war and death, Confucius urged his followers not to use them at the dinner table, which supposedly led to the invention of chopsticks as a substitute."  
You can read more of the article at Asian Nation.

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