Thursday, December 9, 2010

Young girl was bullied because she is a Star Wars fan.

I just read this story today on CNN.      The story is about a young girl who took a Star Wars water bottle to school, until one day she came home and said she wanted a pink water bottle.     Her mother got more out of her daughter and found that some of the boys in her class were teasing her because she is a Star Wars fan.    

In her mother's blog post, she wrote,"  Is this how it starts?"    
"Do kids find someone who does something differently and start to beat it out of her, first with words and sneers? Must my daughter conform to be accepted?"

Is teasing like this the roots of bullying?   When one person dares to be different, what happens?  There is always someone who has a comment or a disapproving look.   In a show of support for Katie, thousands have gathered on Facebook to create a Geek Pride Day!  
On that Friday,  December 10th,  wear a Star Wars tee shirt or any other piece of paraphernalia to show that you support Katie, Star Wars, anti-bullying, or at the very least, cool water bottles. If you don't have any, be creative.

 As a long time female Star Wars fan, it is my privilege and honor to show my support for this little girl.    And as the mother of a little girl (who is also a Star Wars fan), I personally never want my daughter to conform to anyone's ideals.   I want her to march to her own drum and be proud of who she is!  I think that is one of the most important lessons I can teach my daughter.   


  1. That is really hard! And especially at that age kids just want to fit in. I wish that I knew then what I know now! It is just soo sad!

  2. Peer pressure is so intense on kids to get them to fit in. That is great that so many people got behind this little girl.
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    Aimee @ Justkiddingaroundatlanta