Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Goals

I am keeping this list short and sweet.   I am sure that I will add more goals to me list, but for right now, I am happy with these.   

1.   Self Improvement
        This goal encompasses a lot of areas, so I am taking baby steps in this department : weight loss, organization, and learning something new.  
I would like to lose about 30 pounds.  I already have a plan for this and a lot of support.   My main goal is to stay positive and not take set backs so hard.

Organizational habits are always going to be a work in progress.

Learning something new, well, I still haven't figured out exactly what I want to do in this area, but I am sure inspiration will hit me. 

2.  Continue Blogging
Since starting back to work full time, I found that my blog has suffered.   My goal is to blog something at least 4 times a week with a focus on quality content and continue to grow my followers. 

3.  Redecorate
We already started this project.  It has been slow, but I would like to finish up a couple of projects and then tackle the last major project we have. 

1 comment:

  1. Now that's a loft list! We have many of the same goals :) We'll have to continue to inspire each other so we will reach them!

    One tip: I plan my blog posts a minimum of a month ahead of time. I never run out of ideas, and it keeps me blogging daily.

    Thank you for participating! Let's start the new year motivated!