Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Observations

Yesterday, I quickly rattled off a post about watching the royal wedding.  But, after watching some of the recaps, reading various articles, I have a few random thoughts about the affair.

<------- Wouldn't you hate to be this guy, standing next to Elton John, singing a church hymn.  Would you sing ?  Or would you just kind of hum along?  Personally, I think I would be too distracted by the fact that I was sitting next to Elton John!! 

I am really lobbying for Pippa and Harry to become a couple.  I think they look super cute together.   Kate and William need to step in a play a little matchmaker.   Middleton girls for the win!!

So you have been invited to the royal wedding (of the decade), How would you go about selecting the perfect hat? The hats worn by some were rather spectacular! Others were, well on the scary side.   I think we in America, need to really bring hats for social events back.    Arthea Franklin rocked her hat for the inaugural.  

  I did some online browsing and I think I have selected my hat choice. 
  I like this one  -------------->
To me, it is elegant but it still has a festive flair about it.  I like the feather detail and color combination.   

I love the fact that Catherine did her own make-up, because she wanted him to see her as she would look day to day.  

Do you have any random observations from the wedding?

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