Monday, April 4, 2011

My new Admiral Ackbar costume

Last week, for my anniversary, my husband purchased this Admiral Ackbar mask off of Ebay.   Kudos to the guy who was the seller!   His latex work is freakin awesome!     The eyes on the mask are hand painted screening under a clear plastic bubble.  I love it because I have a lot of visibility, which is something that I have not had with other masks.  This will make participating in events much easier, I won't run over any little kids.  

Since the major investment for this costume is the hands and mask.  I decided to keep it cheap on the clothing.   The pants and shirt I have about $30 into both.  I used binding tap to re-create the striping on the side of his pants.  

All that is left now, is to re-create the jerkin, paint the hands when they arrive.  Re-create the admiral rank badge, and belt.   Once I get the jerkin and belt finished I will post another set of pictures.  

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