Sunday, April 3, 2011

Follow Us Monday Question

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                                                         Question of the Week

                             Do you have a television show that you don't want to miss?

I have 2 shows that I don't like to miss.  Both of my choices are rather different.  I rarely watch the mainstream channels.  Most of the stuff I watch is on cable. 

This first one is Swamp People on the History Channel.  The new season just premiered last Thursday.   The show follows several alligator hunters during the gator hunting season in Louisiana.  It is crazy!!  There is a new guy this season that catches alligators with his bare hands.

The second show is Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.  Being that the entire family is crazy for Star Wars, this is a don't miss.   Although, Friday was the season finale!!!   I was not very wild about this season. The season opener started out really strong. Then the episodes were all over the place, one even had a Lost feel to it.  I was not a fan.  So I am hopeful that come fall, the next season will be better.


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