Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cascarones- Confetti Filled Eggs

Tonight, we finally got to make some cascarones.  I had been hoping to get these made earlier, but it just didn't happen.    If you aren't familiar with cascarones they are an Easter tradition in Mexico. 
 Cascarones are confetti filled eggshells meant to be broken on the head of friends as part of the Easter holiday celebrations.

It is believed that the cascarones were first brought from Asia to Italy by the explorer Marco Polo.  The egg gifts were filled with perfumed powder.   The tradition soon traveled from Italy to Spain and then to Mexico.  The perfumed powder was replaced with confetti.

To make cascarones,
1. Use a knife to cut a hole in the egg. 
Let the inside of the egg drain out. 
Rinse the eggshells out and allow them to dry.

2.  Dye and decorate the eggshells and allow to dry.

                       3.  When the eggs are dry, use a spoon to fill with confetti.

4.  Glue a small piece of tissue paper over the hole.

Hide your cascarones  for your Easter egg hunt.   When someone finds a cascarone, they run up to someone and break it over their head. It is said that the confetti shower brings good luck to both.

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  1. Always wondered how to make those! Thanks for the great instructions!