Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Star Wars on Blu Ray, I have a love/hate relationship with it

So now the entire Star Wars saga is out on Blu Ray.   I am not sure how I really feel about it.

First off, the deleted scenes for the original movies are great.  Loving the originals as much as I do, I was really excited to see the deleted sand storm scene from Jedi, Luke with his friends in ANH.  Those were great!  It was fun to finally see these scenes that you had only ever heard of.    However, you would think more from the newer movies could have been added.  What about all the scenes where the Rebel Alliance starts to form?  Don't you think we deserve those scenes, since it is a major part of the original story.   I have never understood why those were left out.

Secondly, the color is amazing! The original pictures have never looked better. The holo chess game really stood out.  The figures have always been kind of gray and dull, but now you see the detail in the monsters.  So great job on the color.

 But, I would dearly love an answer as to WHY? can they not fix the scene in the cantina with Han and Greedo?    I have hated the fact that they allowed Greedo to shoot first in the 1995 Special Editions.   We all know Han shot first!!!  But it back the way it was!!   By changing this scene, Lucas damaged the character of Han Solo. ( Let's not talk about what he did to Vader, all I have to say is Episode 3, enough said.)
The Blu Ray would have been an excellent opportunity to correct this hideous mistake.   Or show the two versions of the scene or better yet, let the viewers pick between the original version or the special edition nonsense.    While I spent $80 to get the Blu Ray set,  I personally prefer dragging out my old 13 inch TV with a VCR built in.  Why you may ask, would I prefer the now primitive media?   Simple, because I can watch the original trilogy in it's un-tampered state.  The way we watched it in the 80's and gosh darn it, we liked it that way!!  

So now that I am done with my little rant, I thought I would share a few pictures.  Walmarts had Blue Ray midnight release parties at some of their stores.   We got invited to dress up and mingle with the Walmart shoppers.   ( I am totally hoping that someone who came, posts a picture on the People of Walmart site.)  There is nothing more fun then running around Walmart at midnight, dressed in a Star Wars costume!

PhotobucketThis is me.  I love dressing in my Admiral Ackbar costume.  If you haven't seen the Star Wars Robot Chicken, check out the Admiral Ackbar cereal bit.   That is what this picture is all about. 

Photobucket   The Admiral is looking for a new pet. 

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