Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thrift Finds - A shirt so awesome and hideous all at the same time, that it had to come home with me!!

With it being a holiday weekend, my thrift adventures have been slowed down a little bit.   I did manage to venture into my one of my local Goodwill stores yesterday.   This particular store, I really don't like shopping at it.   I swear that it is a blackhole of handmedowns.  They go in, but never come out!  The selection never  seems to change and the prices are ridiculous!!  So when I stopped, I wasn't planning on buying anything. 

I  just was casually looking around and out of the corner of my eye, I see this guy holding up a shirt.   He was joking with his mother and sister.  The sister who was probably in her early teens, sporting a Pikachu shirt,  was instantly delighted and began begging her mother for the shirt.   The mother said, "NO!" in that way only mothers can pull off.

This leaves me going YES!! SCORE!! because I seriously love Harry Potter.   So, after they moved down a little ways,  I whipped out my handy phone and snapped a picture to send to my husband.   The message read,"  I am coming home with this treasure.   It will be referred to as, "the shirt that shall not be named"......

The story gets better and I haven't even paid for it.   So, I grabbed the shirt off the rack and begin walking around the store, only to be stalked by Pickachu!   I stop to look at something and there she was.  This didn't happen once, but several times. 

  I know she was waiting for me to put it back.  That wasn't happening!  I was starting to think that she might jump me, then we would have some sort of  fist fight.   One shirt and two rabid pop culture wolverines going at it.   It would have been interesting and hopefully somebody would have caught the video and youtubed it. 

I guess the best way to describe this shirt, is as a Harry Potter Hawaiian shirt.   It has great colors and graphics, and it is pretty loud as far as design goes.   My husband's reply was, " Are you serious?"   "Absolutely! There is a new HP movie coming out and I am sporting this to the show."    To which I get the reply, " you are so strange sometimes"  " I can't help myself.  I love the bizarre, and  you love me for that."

For the grand total of $4 I bought the wizard resort wear.  Will it see the light of day after the movie?  Probably not, but it is totally a fun piece and I am happy to own it, at least for now. 

I also hit a little yard sale where I picked up a Disney trading pin and 2 packages of All My Children trading cards (who knew there was such a thing?)    All My Children was one of my grandmother's favorite "stories" when we were growing up.  I lost my grandmother a couple of  years ago and now All My Children is getting canceled, seeing them just made me sad, so I wanted something to hold on to I guess.   I spent a grand total of .50 for the 3 items. 

The pin was totally worth that.  So hopefully, in the fall when we go to Disney World, I will be able to find someone interested in trading for it. 

I did manage to make it to the flea market on Saturday.  I mainly went to pick up some produce.  I really didn't see anything that screamed, "TAKE ME HOME!"     But this must have been the week for the awesome and the hideous. (Awdeous or how about Hidesome?, I am not sure how to combine them)

I did stumble on this, which prompted me to create a new Facebook album, titled "What you might have missed at the flea market"    It is mainly to celebrate everything weird and wonderful that you might find at a flea market.

This is a large carpet portrait of Ronald McDonald.  I mean, it does have that certain I don't know what quality.   It made me laugh, so I snapped a picture of it to share.  No, I did not buy this.  Rest assured my husband would have had me committed if I had suggested that. 

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend and found some great items yourself.  Or at least something that made you laugh.

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  1. Love it and the story along with it! Your conversation with your husband sounds exactly like one I would have with mine! He grumbles about how weird I am, but in the same breath will tell me and anyone else that it is a huge reason why he loves me.

  2. no, seriously. Harry potter and scary clown in one post ? I might have to stop following you for fear of, well just for fear ....

    Actually, am I following you ?

    How wonderful that you have a husband who understands : )

    Magpiemonday at

  3. I'm going to have nightmares tonight about Carpet Ronald chasing me. I'm terrified to think anyone actually thought it was a good idea.

    I had to come over & visit you on Magpie Monday, from SqueakyBaby to Squeaky Cart.

  4. I shall have to look up your Facebook page - it sounds hilarious!

    Seriously, a Ronald MacDonald rug. Who would?!

    Thanks for linking up x

  5. Think you are the American version of Liz who hosts Magpie Monday.
    I love the T-shirt which is odd as I hate all things Harry Potter normally.
    That rug thing is vaguely sinister.
    Good to hear about bargain hunting in another country

  6. yeah, it is pretty scary. I can't imagine where it came from. I never seen anything like that in any of the restaurants.