Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Christmas in July- Hallmark Christmas Ornaments

Back when I was in high school, I worked at one of the local Hallmark Stores.  At the time, I didn't really care about the Christmas ornaments.    It was kind of one of those things that you were excited because they were in the store, but on the other hand it was a pain in the butt.   Hallmark ornament collectors are religious about their ornaments.   They come in with their Dream Books circled and know exactly what series they have and the pieces they need.  

I bought a few at the time because I thought they were cute.  And well, those few cute ornaments has turned in to somewhere around 600+ ornaments.      A couple of years ago, I had to purchase a larger tree.   But like any good bargain  hunter, I got the tree for 75% off on New's Year Day.   So, that kind of makes up for the cash spent on the ornaments.  

It is hard to resist the Star Wars ornaments!  When Hallmark started making the Star Wars ornaments, it was game on.  I have been collecting those since 1996.   We have all of them!    This year, there is a pretty good selection.  I am not overly blown away by any one particularly like I have been in years past. 

I am excited that the limited edition Star Wars is the bounty hunter Bossk.     I am hoping that they will make the whole gang of Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters.    (And Hallmark or LFL, if your listening.  I would love to see Admiral Ackbar on my Christmas tree in the next couple of years please.)
My mom just can't understand why we would want something so "ugly" on our Christmas tree.   She just doesn't love Star Wars. 

The other series that we collect heavily is the Disney ornaments.   I just love Disney and well, with children,  they love it even more then me.    We always pick up a few princesses and for my little boy we got the Cars2 ornaments. 

We also have started picking up more Barbie ornaments.   Our little girl is knee deep in Barbie love and well she gets it honestly.   This year, we picked up Barbie Peaches and Cream.  Peaches and Cream is a Barbie doll from 1985.  I had this Barbie as a little girl and I was thrilled when Mattel re-released her.   I bought the doll for my little girl.  Now we have this beautiful ornament to share on our tree.   

These are the only 2 ornaments that I picked up at the Saturday Premiere Party.  Thankfully, Hallmark has a great lay away.  This year, we will be adding 20 new ornaments when the holidays get here. 

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