Sunday, July 3, 2011

Food from roadside stands just tastes better.

I grew up in the South and my husband grew up in the North.  As you can imagine, we look at things slightly differently.    Yesterday, we decided that we would stop by the flea market.  I wanted to look around and pick up some produce.   The flea market is one of the best places to get local produce and its cheaper then the grocery store a lot of times.   

Well it was getting close to lunch time and I suggested that we get some tacos and Mexican sodas from the little taqueria.   Every time we are there, the smell of the tacos is just beyond words!! and they make homemade tortillas.   My husband was looking at me like I had 3 heads.   He was like I don't know.....   I was like it's ok.  I said look, they have a sanitation rating.   Clearly, they have been inspected.  

So this set us off on the discussion about buying food off the side of the road.   In my world, there are certain foods that you buy off the side of the rode and nowhere else.    They are: peanuts (roasted and boiled), produce of all kinds, snow cones, and BBQ and/or hash when available. 

It just tastes better that way.  My husband just can't wrap his head around the fact that not everything has to come from the grocery store.  No, I don't want Mr. Peanut.   I want Cajun roasted or boiled peanuts with extra hot sauce from Mr. Murphy.   Mr. Murphy has sold peanuts at the same spot on the side of Reidville Rd for at least 30 years.  I remember us buying them from him as kid.   Why would I buy elsewhere?

I get my peaches from Mr. Reed and his family.   I know them.  Why would I buy unripe peaches at the grocery store?  You can't eat them, they are never ripe.   Mr. Reed picks them and they ripe and ready to eat. Plus, I get a whole bushel basket for like $8.

I just don't think he will ever get it!  He thinks macaroni and cheese comes out of a box for goodness sake!   I made my husband go cross eyed when I unleashed the fury of my Miracle Whip sermon on him.  

It's a Southern thing

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