Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanksgiving is Christmas's speed bump

I am in kind of a Bah Humbug mood today.   Granted, yes I probably start thinking and planning for Christmas before others do.  We have birthdays and holidays all tied up into one giant gift giving extravaganza.  But I just want to give a big ol' FAWKS  to retailers who try to force me into the Christmas mood before I am ready!!!  I don't want to see jack o'lanterns  and Christmas trees together. 

And honestly, how early do we have to start playing Christmas music?     Two of our local stations have already started their 24/7 non-stop Christmas music.  This will go until New Years.      Do we really need 2 months of Christmas music?    Last year, I swore that if I heard "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree"  one more time, I was going to beat someone with my shoe.   Give it a few days and that same sentiment will probably hold true for this year.  



  1. I totally feel your pain. Hubs is in this whole gotta get the gifts done thing and I'm pulling my hair out. We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. Next year I'm doing Christmas shopping in September and everyone's getting erasers.

  2. It's getting earlier every year. There is a part of me that wants to change Thanksgiving to another part of the year. That way it isn't so close to Christmas and we can actually enjoy it.