Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide - Baby GoGo

Dolls are such an important teaching tool, not only for little girls, but for boys as well.   Children love to imitate their parents and dolls are a great way to be nurturing and caring.   It can also help get children used to having a new baby. 

I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, my 2 1/2  year old son asked for a baby doll.
My husband wasn't terribly thrilled with the idea because the little doll was dressed in a ruffled pink dress.    I said it would be fine for him to have a doll.  My son called the doll  his little sister.   He played with the doll on and off throughout the remainder of my pregnancy.   When his little sister was born, he said that he wanted her to have the Little Sister doll and passed it on to her.  

I was very excited to review Baby GoGo with my children and wished we had had a Baby GoGo a few years earlier.   Baby Go Go is a gender neutral doll.  The doll is clothed in gender neutral clothing, with  no hair and is designed so that both boys and girls will feel comfortable playing with it.

My daughter loved Baby GoGo!   She immediately put the doll in her little play stroller and rolled it through the house.   My son will sometimes play dolls with his sister, but won't play for very long.    So my little girl has been the main one to play with Baby GoGo.  

The little story book is really cute.  It tells the story of Baby GoGo's leaving the hospital and coming home to meet  its siblings for the first time.   Baby GoGo also comes with a little blanket, that my daughter compared to her favorite blanket, both made of the same materials. 

Baby GoGo has a diaper bag, Moses basket, and playtime clothing accessories that will help extend your child's play time.

I really appreciate that Little Sib is working to remove gender bias in toys.  I have always hated that mindset that little girls had to play with dolls and boys had to play with cars and trucks.   When I was younger, I know my own mom would have preferred that I played with more baby dolls.   That just was not me.  I liked Barbie dolls more then baby dolls, and  I loved my Star Wars too!    I had a nice mix of toys and I wanted the same thing for my children.

You can purchase Baby GoGo for $39.99 and the coordinating diaper bag for $24.99 online or at your local specialty toy shop.


  1. My daughter would LOVE this doll! Great review.

  2. That great, I mean girls get to play with dolls all the time, boys should be able to too and not be thought of differently. I was the same way! I had barbies but I also had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and if that's okay for girls why can't that be okay for boys too? Good review!

  3. my little one loves baby dolls and would love this one too. Thanks for sharing

  4. I absolutely love how this doll helps children get use to having a little one around!

  5. This would be great for my niece. A wonderful idea.

  6. That's a great gift idea - classic toy! And I agree with you about the gender bias in toys. When I was little, I played with both Barbies and Ninja Turtles!