Sunday, May 8, 2011

The power of social media, raw wrestlemania, and a good deed

Last week, I got a facebook message from my friend Pam.  She said that she had entered a contest and needed votes.   She was trying to win her boys tickets for wrestling.   So the campaign for votes was on.   We rallied every possible vote we could: husbands, husband's friends, family, more friends, not so close friends, and complete strangers.  You name it!  If you had a facebook page, we were stomping for votes.

Then out of the blue, the family in 3rd place started voting for Pam's picture.  They felt they were so far behind that they wanted to help. They were awesome and such good sports.  With their help, we rallied 336 votes in total for the win.    

Big Show
The prize was 18 tickets to Raw Wrestlemania Revenge and a suite! So the wrestling was today of all days!  I guess mothers can like wrestling too.   I have to say it really was a lot of fun.  My little boy is totally into it now!  He had never really seen or knew anything about wrestling until today.  Several of the really popular wrestlers were there today.  One of them was Big Show, which he was just on an episode of Supah Ninjas on Nickelodeon.   OMG!! Big Show is huge!!!  He weighs like 500 pounds and is well over 6 feet tall.

The other, of course, being John Cena.   Which the entire arena went nuts over.

But the best part of this story is Pam repaying kindness and paying it forward. 

She gave out all of her tickets to family and friends, but still had 2 left.   Those last 2 tickets went to the third place family who gave their votes.

It was awesome to meet them, they seem like really nice people.

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