Saturday, May 21, 2011

I saw Pirates of The Caribbean last night

Everybody at our house has been super excited over the new Pirates movie.  We spent a small fortune to see it in 3D last night.  Which I was not wild about, because most of the movies we have seen in 3D always disappointed me.  We could have saved a few dollars and just watched the regular version.

The plot has Captain Jack looking for the Fountain of Youth.   When he meets up with Angelica (Penelope Cruz).It turns out that she is a former love interest and the first mate aboard Black Beard's ship.  Of course, Black Beard is also looking for the Fountain.   Barbossa has become a captain in the British Navy , he is in pursuit of Black Beard for some personal revenge.  And don't forget the Spanish who are also looking for the fountain.    The Spanish almost seem like an after thought to the plot.  They only appear a few times in the movie and it really isn't until the fountain is found that they do anything. 

One of the highlights for me was that Kieth Richards is back for another cameo appearance as Captain Teague Sparrow.   

The story left a lot of loose ends in my opinion.  Captain Jack sails away, Angelica  is marooned.   Barbossa gets a ship and takes to pirating again heading for Tortuga. 
The mermaid and the missionary?  What happened?  Did he become a merman or did she eat him?   They clearly have left room for another movie. 

The pace of this movie seemed slower compared to the others.  But, it is certainly an improvement over the third movie in the franchise.  Still it lacks some of the adventure and thrill that the first movie captured so well. I am not wild about pirates turning into archeologist. They loot and plunder treasures.    But Captain Jack is Captain Jack.   How can you  not love him?

All in all, the kids loved the movie and it was a great night out with the family.

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