Friday, May 13, 2011

My little boy graduated Kindergarten today!

I am so proud of my little boy, he graduated Kindergarten this afternoon! He has had an amazing school year. His teachers, is retiring at the end of this year. She has been teaching for 40 years!

I had a lot of reservations when we moved him to a public school. He had been attending a private school that goes all the way up to 9th grade. I would have loved to keep him there, but it was purely financial. The school he attends now is good. Of course, with public education there are some gaps, but I can fill those in.

I think that we both are looking forward to 1st grade.


  1. Congratulations! Savor the moments they go so fast! I came over from the blog hop and now following thru GFC and Networked Blogs. I would love a follow back if you don't mind. Have a great weekend and celebrate that he passed!


  2. So exciting! What a proud moment. I was nervous when my baby girl started kindergarten as well. She has 2 weeks left and now I can't believe how amazing she has become this year. Good luck to your little man in 1st grade!