Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cake Competition Update

Yesterday, was the day for the cake competition I entered.   I dropped it off bright and early yesterday morning at 9:00.  This was my finished project, it was inspired by one of the Captain Underpants book covers.  

The Judging took place around 10:30.   Sadly though, I did not place.    I am a little disappointed but not terribly.   

One thing that I think was against me, was that it doesn't depict a book that a younger child would read.   Since the program sponsoring the event, gives books to children ages birth to 5, I think my subject matter should have been  geared for a younger group. 

Another things was that  I decided to try working with fondant, which is something that I have never used.    So, I know it was not done as well as it could have been.  I need more practice with that.   If this had been Food Network Challenge, Kerry Vincent would have ripped me a new one on my fondant.     Still overall, I think that it turned out really well.  I took a risk and that is what I am the most proud of. 

Since Captain Underpants was a loser, I have decided that instead of just dumping it in the trash.  He deserves a spectacular send off.   I am going remove it from the base and stuff the figures with firecrackers. 


  1. I think your cake looks great! I wish I was talented enough to make something like this. I love the firecracker send off :)

    New follower from Swingin Sunday Hop

  2. Cool looking cake.
    I just awarded you the Versatile blogger award. Please stop by my blog and pick it up.

  3. Thanks ladies!! I really appreciate all of the encouragement. I am going to be making more cakes and I have decided to take some more decorating classes. There will be more cake posts in the future.