Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Worst Christmas Songs Ever: Days 5 &6 Funky, Funky Christmas and anything by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Here is the worst for Days 5 and 6.

Day 5 brings us Christmas cheer from one of the greatest? :/ boy bands ever New Kids On The Block.  So brace yourselves to have a Funky, Funky Christmas.  Because, logically Funky and Christmas are two words that just go hand in hand.

Day 6:  This one is for my husband.  He hates anything done by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.   He is right, most of their stuff is a weird combination of classic Christmas carols mixed with big 80's face melting hair metal, laser effects, and never-ending screeching guitar solos.  People lose their minds every time they tour. 

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