Thursday, December 1, 2011

Worst Christmas Songs Ever!! Day 1: Justin Bieber and featuring Busta Rhymes singing The Little Drummer Boy

Everybody has their favorite Christmas songs.  I have a few that I really enjoy hearing each year.  So, I want to make this clear, that this series of worst Christmas songs has nothing to do with Christmas bashing.

It is my response to the radio stations in my area.  You might have a station like this.  The station loves to play Christmas music for like 3 months straight and never seems to play any of the songs that you really love or put you in a holiday mood.  Instead, they play the stuff that after 3 months of non-stop play time makes your ears bleed and makes you want to beat someone with your shoe.  

So,  in honor of the 3 out of  5 radio stations in my area,  playing non-stop Christmas music, I am going to share what I consider to be the worst Christmas songs ever.   Please feel free to share your own.  I would love to know what gets on other people's nerves this time of  year.  

#1 Comes to us from that great Canadian philosopher known as, Justin Beiber and featuring Busta Rhymes.   It starts out good, but don't let it fool you.  I am pretty sure that if he showed up at the manger, he would make Baby Jesus cry with this offering. 

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  1. I don't think so, but everyone got the right to form their own opinion. justin bieber songs.