Sunday, December 4, 2011

We were in the Christmas Parade last night in Star Wars costumes

Last night, my family and about 12 others braved the cold to participate in the local downtown Christmas parade.     The crowds were amazing!! It was reported that there were about 40,000 spectators out for the parade.

Most of my pictures are from just before the parade started, it's too hard to take pictures with fish flippers on.  I wore my Admiral Ackbar costume last night, with some minor changes to my costume.  I had to winterize it just a little bit.  

On the float, we had an assortment of trooper, bounty hunters, jedis, jawas, and of course Darth Vader and General Grievous, along with my Admiral Ackbar.    Even my Star Wars babies, pictured  made the parade.   

We had a great time being part of the Christmas parade last night.  After the parade, Ronald McDonald even wanted to get his picture taken with everyone, although some of us were already out of costume.  

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  1. Brrrrrr, but hopefully the costumes kept some of the chill out.