Sunday, March 14, 2010


Don't you love samples? It is a nice way to try new products. Sometimes, you are like SCORE!! It's been a long day, I could use a little snack to get me through the store. Then there are my kids....

My kids think that every time we go to Costco, we are there to eat. Costco isn't for shopping, it is a full serve restaurant. The appetizers are the various samples of bakery goods, meats, cheeses, and assorted frozen products housed in their stores. The main course, is of course, the hot dog and drink for $1.50. There have been several times when my kids were offended that the samples had not started yet or we got there too late for samples and to insult to injury, we did not get a hot dog. I totally agree with these Cosmo articles, that says you can make a cheap date night at places like Costco. You can fill up on samples before you turn the corner of their food isles and they just keep feeding you all the way up to the check out.

"Mom, we need to try this!"
"well, lets see what it is.... Tilapia with Mango Salsa"
"Honey, I am not sure that you will like it"
"No, I want to try it" "OK"

This conversation from my 5 year old, who acts like you mortally wound him any time you offer him food, that heaven forbid, has lettuce on it!

If I made Tilapia with Mango Salsa at home would my child eat it? yes, no, maybe?? I don't know. The chances of our house eating the tilapia, slim. I can't eat fish. Mango salsa, bring on a bag of corn chips and it's a party.

Is it the allure of food on stick? Maybe every new food we try at home needs to be on a stick. I mean think of fairs or carnivals. The MN State Fair serves all kind of food on a stick (my husband is from MN and speaks of this often). That is one of their selling points for their fair. They are always looking for what else can go on stick. Lettuce on a stick.... anyone??

I guess I just need to invest in tooth picks, mobile food carts, and fancy little paper cups.

More adventures from inside the squeaky grocery cart....

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