Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Southern Snow!

Last week, we had a brief snow storm. (If you know anyone from the South, you know that at the sight of one flake there is a mass exodus to the grocery store. You must have bread and milk survive in an inch of snow! And you must beat everyone else there! You don't want to be those poor saps that got there late. Because, all that will be left is rye bread and hot dog buns so beaten in the bread and milk frenzy that they are left unrecognizable ) The kids and I ran to the grocery store just to pick up a few items. Ideally, it should have taken us somewhere around 20 minutes. I was using coupons, so I was trying to get my coupons while shopping. My son (age 5) is throwing extra items into the cart, my daughter (age 2) is acting like she is driving a NASCAR from the seat of the giant buggy.

Can I talk about those buggies for a second? Who invented those ridiculous carts? They are impossible to drive. I know my family alone is responsible for knocking out at least 2 old ladies and a couple of free roaming small children with those things. Not to mention that one cereal display that went flying (we don't speak of that or shop there anymore.)

We were in the produce department, nearing the end of our shopping trip (Thank You Jesus!) After the usual brother/sister knitpicking through the entire store, I asked my son to hold on to the coupons I was going to use at check out. Thinking that would keep his hands occupied finally! My daughter also decides that she wants to hold coupons. Fine, here hold these! They were expired so no big deal, until I look back over at her. She is taking a break from Nascar, politely snacking on a coupon. I am thinking REALLY??!! You are eating a coupon, are you lacking in a fiber? I am pretty sure I got a coupon for some Fiber One bars, I will go get some now.

We made it to the check out, relatively in one piece. We had 2 extra items tossed in, those being a pack of playing cards, and skittles (I guess my son is planning to be a card shark or something) one eaten coupon, and a mom who is frazzled beyond belief heading out into a Southern "blizzard". When I get in the car, I realized that I got the bread, but forgot the milk. Where is Calgon when you need it? Stay tuned for more adventures inside the squeaky grocery cart.

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