Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I want to win a blog giveaway

There is another blog The B Keeps Us Honest that is hosting a Star Wars mimobot giveaway. My husband and I are Star Wars nerds for life. How, why do things happen? Let me tell you our story, then I will get back to the contest.

Being young children of the 70s our minds were imprinted on by Jedi Master Lucas. We were mesmorized by these characters that came from outer space. We were dazzled by the (at that time) state of the art special effects. We took to our young hearts that all things are possible if you just use the force, and yes the force is always with you. Yoda taught us that size matters not, and that good and evil can have some shades of gray, from a certain point of few.

My husband and I met because of Star Wars. We met online in a Star Wars chatroom! of all places! It was after the release of sadly, The Phantom Menace. To me the new trilogy is a four letter word. Jar Jar , i can only hope was caused by some sort of medication side effects or maybe a few late night drinks, but in the end there really is no excuse for it. Still we talked all things Star Wars, Life, Love and Happily Everafter. Our wedding cake had a vintage Han Solo and Princess Leia figure on top of it. We went there!

Growing up, I always wanted to be Princess Leia. She was strong, witty, in charge and had great hair. I tried fiercely to get my parents to change my name to Leia. I was met with the argument that my name was close enough, just missing a few letter. Fastforward 30 years, I have my own daughter, and can you guess what her name is?? Thats right (ding, ding, ding, we have a winner) we went there too. There was no other choice. People have asked me, "how did your husband convince you to name a child after a Star Wars character? " I just smile and say it was my idea!! :) And no my son's name is not Luke, however Obi Wan was considered but in the end was rejected.

We have taken our love of Star Wars to the next possible level. 2 years ago, my husband and I became members of the 501st Vader's Legion. What is this? It is a costuming group that has movie quality costumes. We dress up for charity events, cons, local community events, you name it, we will dress up for it! My husband has an amazing Vader costume. This group works a lot with Make A Wish and Toys for Tots just to name a few. Our path of nerdom is complete. Yes, our kids love it! they dress up too. We are known in our neighborhood as the family with the R2. We built our own fully functional R2 D2, who by the way has been making test runs through the neighborhood.

Ok, now why am I talking about this. The B Keeps Us Honest is giving away a Darth Vader mimobot and I would love to win this for my husband!!! Mimobots are flash drives that come disguised as various Star Wars characters. They have other designs as well, but for this household Star Wars rules. I got an R2 D2 mimobot. I love it, it makes it so easy for me to carry information with me. That is why I have to win one for him. I am sure you are saying, why not just buy another one. We have been looking for a Vader and haven't been able to find one. I know I can order one online, that is where mine came from. I share it, but my husband really tries to steal it! I have thrown down with him over it several times. If you are a pop culture junkie, then a mimobot is a must have! Please help bring balance back to this Star Wars family, we need 2 mimobots.

Check out The B Keeps Us Honest and her other awesome giveaways!

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