Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Duggar's make me want to puke!!!!

 Ok, I know that this post will probably get me some hate comments and I might even lose some followers, but I can't stand it anymore!!!  Recently, the entire Duggar clan was paraded on national TV yet again, to announce that Michelle Duggar is pregnant.  WHOOPIE!! (eyes rolling out of my head)  You had sex, AGAIN! Congratulations!!

For a family that is all UP WITH MODESTY, Michelle certainly doesn't mind letting us all  know what is going on with her "lady business".  Her vagina has more cave paintings then the Altimira Caves in Spain. 
Do you really want the rest of the world to view you as a walking, talking uterus?

Thousands of women get pregnant everyday in this country.  Do we feel the need to get on the Today Show and share with the rest of the world?  Not really.   Having a child is a wonderful thing! but its not national news worthy.    Lets review:  War, Poverty, Hunger  = NEWS WORTHY,   Michelle Duggar knocked up again= NOT NEWS WORTHY.     If you are pregnant, share it with those that matter in your life: your husband, family, friends, not the entire free world!  Starving children in Africa, don't care!! War torn nations, DON'T CARE!!

If you are trying to prove that you are some sort of Super Woman, we get it!  Clearly, you have a uterus made of steel and we all understand that you superhero ability is making milk.  But, cows do that too. Along with the rest of us mammals.  Again, not really news worthy.

What is news worthy, is your never ending need to over populate.  What about your health?  As a mother of 19, wouldn't that be your first priority?  After the last pregnancy that had some major complications and health issues for the child, wouldn't you say to yourself: "Hey, I think I am done now!"

I would also like to thank you for beating your fertility over the heads of women who struggle to conceive a child of their own.  There are women desperate to have a child and would give anything to have just ONE child.    When asked, " Do you want to have more?"  your nauseating laugh and your smirky reply, " well, we will see, whatever the Lord gives us"  makes me want to puke!!

I have seen first hand, a couple devastated when they were unable to conceive a child of their own after numerous attempts, doctor visits, and rounds of medications. They ended up with nothing!    The emotional toll on them broke my heart. And even now as they go through the adoption process, there are so many uncertainties and they or may not end up with a child.     Yet there you sit, celebrating your over active fertility like some hopped up gremlin.   

 Stop being media whores!! You have a loyal group of viewers who hang on your every word and recipe tip.  They would be happy to tune in and listen to you read from the phone book. 

  Does TLC give a bonus if the Duggar's end their season with a pregnancy?   It was mentioned in the Today Show interview that their show season finale would be airing this week.   Could we be fishing for ratings, hmmmmm TLC??  Well, we already know what is coming for next season. :SPOILER ALERT:

   Now, I have a few suggestions for the Duggars and TLC.   Think about this! You could create an entirely new show!  The Duggars clan meets therapy, think along the lines of Celebrity Rehab, Intervention, or even Hoarders.

From my point of view, I see Jim Boob as a sex addict.   He clearly has some sort of fetish for the Amish, Pilgrim, Puritan look (no offense to Amish, Pilgrim, or Puritans)  and I would assume that the missionary position drives him wild.   With Thanksgiving around the corner, he will be out of control people!  Seriously, get this on film!!  Does he have a secret stash of Hester Prynne drawings?  She has to be his ideal centerfold. Heaving bosoms and butter churns and all that....  

Michelle needs to work with Dr. Zasio from Hoarders.  I am sure that TLC can get in contact with her.  Stop baby hoarding!  Maybe you have some sort of unresolved emotional issues stemming from your childhood. Hoarding is not healthy.  You have to be able to let go.

I think that you could get a dozen or so TV doctors and therapist to come on as guests, giving some help to these two.   Ratings bonanza, TLC!  RATINGS BONANZA!!!  think it over and call me...  I have more ideas, just say'in.... 

So my rant is over, love it, hate it... I don't care.  This is my opinion and I have put it out for the world.


  1. It seems that they make "reality" shows about anything anymore, and what is even sadder, there are so many people who watch them. As far as I'm concerned, it devalues us as a country, it calls into question our values. Just give me a good old mystery show.

  2. A-freaking-men. The Duggars drive me nuts. How about the fact that their teenage daughters do EVERY FREAKING THING in the household, and the two oldest boys who live at home are entirely responsible for home/lawn/car maintenance? The parents do nothing. Michelle cares for whoever is the baby at the time, but Jim Bob really just doesn't do anything. Why are the worst people the ones who have 20 kids?