Monday, April 9, 2012

We are on a Monster High high

In the past month, our MH collection has grown exponentially.  Friday night, my husband and I were out looking for the newest MH dolls.  We heard that Walmarts were getting shipments.  We have 2 MH collections.  Our daughter who loves to open and play.  Then mine, all are MIB.  My children can't understand why I leave them in the box.

The first store we stopped at, we hit the jackpot!!  We found Abbey, which is the one doll that we have been looking for for close to 7 months.   I literally was shaking when I saw Abbey.  My daughter has wanted this doll for so long, but I had never seen her in a store.  I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices on ebay.

She has beautiful blue sparkly skin and is decked out in faux fur accessories.

Rochelle, is the pink haired doll on my right.  She is the daughter of a gargoyle. Her skin looks like stone, accent with pink and blue hair.  I absolutely love her!

Then the last one is Jackson.  He is kind of nerdie and normal for Monster High.  But, he really is the son of Dr. Jekyll.   He comes with a pet lizard.

We had a friend who was visiting family in Michigan.   In exchange for hunting Monster High dolls, I  searched for Lalaloopsy dolls for their daughter.   I was able to find a few they didn't have.  But, they found us a lot of dolls we didn't have.


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