Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Monster High collection is growing again!

This weekend we went out searching for some of the new Monster High dolls.  We didn't find anything brand newI, but I was able to find some older items.

First, we found the Cleo plush friend on clearance for $8 (reg. price $16), with an extra 50% off.   I wanted to get a few of these for the baby.  At that price,I couldn't pass her up.  I am still looking for Ghoulia and Lagoona in the plush dolls.  Hopefully, I will find them soon.

Then we found a Dawn of the Dance Ghoulia on clearance at another Walmart. I was really happy to find her, since she is from an older line of the dolls.

We also picked up a Skull Shores black and white Frankie Stein.  I really love this doll.  Her coloring is so unique.  It really makes her look like she stepped out of the old monster movies, but with a modernized look.

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