Monday, April 16, 2012

Flea Market Fun- Wannabe Monster High ghouls and the rescue of Strawberry Shortcake

Since the weather was beautiful this weekend, we thought we would head out and cruise around the fleamarket.  I love going out to look around and there are some great produce vendors.   I love being able to pick up some local produce.  I had 2 items that I was looking for.  If you have followed along lately, we have been searching high and low for Monster High dolls.

I thought the fleamarket might be a great place to check for some that are in played with condition.
The place was swarmed with people.  I guess everyone else had the same idea to get out and enjoy the weather.  Sadly, though the pickings were slim.  

I was shocked that not one naked Barbie was spotted.  Usually, that is the place to find them and you can always find at least 4 or 5 tables just covered with them.  With the lack of Barbies, of course that means no MH dolls either.  

I did however find these.  They are Monster High like wannabes.  I got a kick out of seeing these.  They just weren't what I was looking for.  

My big "purchase" for the weekend was a vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll.  She didn't have her dress but she had a great pair of original tights.  The lady was getting ready to pack up, she had a small box and said anything in there is free.  

I used to love Strawberry Shortcakes, so she had to be rescued.

Maybe next weekend will bring a better selection.


  1. Hi LeAnn!I just read your post form March 22 and would like to say that I know exactly how you feel! My 8 year old daughter asked a Frankie Stein for Christmas, but my mother in law, who was going to give her the doll, bought the wrong one. As my daughter was very disappointed, I told her to live the box intact so we could return it to the shop and change it for a Frankie Stein. But since then, that model, the first Frankie Stein which comes with the diary, never came back to any shop shelves. They are sold out here in Brazil. And some of the later models are very difficult to find too! About a month ago we could get her a Draculaura Sweet 1600 (my girl´s name is Laura), but she would still prefer the first Frankie…Here too, I could find one on a site similar to ebay, but costing the equivalent to US$90! As you see, scalpers are everywhere! Shop prices here vary from US$35 to US$60. I even tried the Amazon, but as I expected, they don´t send this product to Brazil … Anyway, it was nice to know I´m not the only mother in search of a Monster High! Best wishes and good luck on your search!

    1. Silvia, Please contact me!! My email is in the About Me section. I might be able to help you get the original Frankie for your daughter.