Friday, April 6, 2012

Dorito Locos Taco

The other night my husband and I were children free.   You would think that we would have used that time to go out somewhere nice, but instead we ended up at Taco Bell.

I debated on trying the Dorito Locos Taco. First of all, I am more of a soft taco kind of girl. The whole idea sounded good, but would it really be as good as everyone is saying?  Now, don't get me wrong...I love Doritos! They are a guilty pleasure for me.  I sometimes crave those radio active orange triangles and delight in licking my spice coated orange fingers afterwards.

  Well, here are my thoughts about the taco.

  The Dorito taco shell tastes great! It is basically a giant Dorito that has been turned into a taco shell.  Which to me, is greatly improved over regular taco shells.  But, it is more fragile then a regular crispy taco shell.  After the first bite, I ended up more with Dorito nachos then I did a Dorito taco.

It is something that you would have to eat in the restaurant.  The shell gets soggy fast!   You need to inhale it like you are a competitive eater (2 bites or less).  I don't think it could survive the ride home and if you hit some traffic....  well, just forget it.

You can order the taco, with or without sour cream.  I originally ordered mine without, but when I got it, sour cream was added.  I decided I would just eat it.    There is a reason I never order anything at Taco Bell ending in Supreme.

If you look at the picture, this looks like a mild mannered taco, but lurking  under the lettuce was the biggest blob of sour cream.  They must pay by the amount of added sour cream, because it was loaded.   That probably didn't help the structural integrity of the shell.

So the big question, Would I eat it again?

I would say  yes probably. But, I would only eat it in the restaurant and I certainly would make sure it had no sour cream.

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