Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY- Super Hero Dresser

With all of the recent super hero movies, my 8 yr old son has become a huge fan.    I decided that we would  decoupage his dresser with old comic books.  

The dresser was very plain and an unfinished piece.  It was actually left behind at my husband's work.  It was in perfect condition and I am happy it was left behind.  

Now, I am the worst with taking before and after pictures.   I was half way through the project before I decided to take any pictures.   But you can see here, the original look and the new decoupaged look.

I purchased 12 comic books with various different super heros at the flea market.   I tried to get a mix of old and newer comics, so I would have a contrast of graphics.

I covered  the drawer fronts, sides, and top of the dresser.  For this project, I used 1 bottle of Mod Poge.   I did not use to whole bottle for my project, so I do have some left for another project.

 My plan is also to take out all of the drawers and paint the front black.  I think that it will really make the drawers pop out more.  It will also give a comic book panel look.

My next step is to covert these kid's meal toys into drawer pulls.   I need 12 total, 2 for each drawer.  I am still searching for a few more to use.  I had picked these up at the flea market.   My plan is to drill holes into them and using screws and washers to create new drawer pulls.  

It is still a work in progress and I can't wait to get these finished.  I will post an update on how I am making the drawer pulls and the finished project.

This project has been rather inexpensive for me to create. Here is the breakdown.

Dresser-  FREE
Mod Poge-   reg. $7.99  (I used a Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon)   price after coupon w/tax  $5.87
Comic Books-     $6  I was able to get comic books 2 for $1.
Toys-  so far, I have spent $2 on the dresser pulls.   I figure, I will spend about $6 total on these once I find everything I need.