Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monster High Scary Tale dolls are hitting stores

Last Friday night, I found out that some of the local Target stores had gotten shipments of the exclusive Monster High Scary Tales dolls.    Needless to say, I ran to the store to look for them.    The dolls were not on the shelf yet.    I gave the Target associate the dcpi number, the looked it up, and pulled them from the back!

These dolls are really beautiful!.  My favorite is Draculaura as Snow Bite.  Her shoes are adorable.  They remind you of an apple.   I love the coloring of her dress.  When I first saw the pictures of this line, I wasn't terribly impressed.  But you really have to see them in person.  Pictures just don't do them justice.  

Check your local stores, they are hitting stores

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