Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2012 Hallmark Ornament Premiere

Saturday, I was up bright and early to visit my local Hallmark  store for the annual ornament premiere event.   I love Hallmark ornaments.  I started collecting them when I worked at a Hallmark store while I was in high school.   Since then, my ornament collection has grown to include my husband and children's favorites.

The first ones I always pick up are the Star Wars ornaments.   This years limited quantity release for Star Wars was Momaw Nadon (Hammerhead).   We got tickled at an older lady, who was buying her ornaments.  She said," I don't know what this thing is." "But, I know my grandson will like it."   To us, nothing says Christmas like a tree full of Star Wars aliens.

My oldest daughter has recently developed a deep love for all things Wizard of Oz.  Last year, I got her Glenda and the Wicked Witch.    I didn't think she would care for this year's WO ornament.  But, I was wrong!  This years ornament is a sepia colored Miss Gultch riding her bicycle and a Winky Guard.  

For our son, he is on a total super hero kick right now.  I picked up Thor, Iron Man, and Spiderman.   In October, I will get him Captain America to go with the rest of the guys.    

I am really excited about some of the iconic 80's figures getting their own ornaments this year.   I picked up Mr. Stay Puft from Ghostbusters and I will be getting the E.T and Back to the Future Delorian.   I can't wait to get those!   I am planning to create an I love the 80's Christmas tree.   Last year, I picked up the Gizmo (Gremlins) ornament.

I can't wait to get my ornaments off layaway and pick up the remainder that will be out in October.

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