Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monster High Mania, new dolls are out

Well Monster High moms, have you gotten those new dolls yet?  Or are you going crazy trying to find them? I fall into the second group.   The new Roller Maze, Dead Tired, and Dot Dead Gorgeous have been popping up in stores.    That means a lot of late night  runs to Walmart to check and see what they are stocking.

Last Friday, I did order the Dot dolls from Toys R Us.  However, I have no idea if I will actually get them!! Most of the time, TRU is pretty good about orders.  This time, I have no information about my order.  I have no shipping information and they haven't emailed me saying my order is cancelled.   I know a lot of people who ordered the dolls Friday.  Some have gotten partial orders, others just completely got cancelled.  What is going on TRU??

Today, I ordered all 4 of the Roller Maze dolls from Amazon.  They were priced at 14.96 each.  I figure that is pretty to close to what they would cost at Walmart.   Plus, if I get them, I figure the little extra is what I would have spent on gas after driving to every store in a 50 mile radius.  I am really excited about these dolls.  I love Ghoulia's outfit! and I am glad that they are introducing another Operetta.  
It is sad, because I am not sure who is more excited about the new dolls, me or my daughter.  But it is fun, because it is something that she and I can share and collect together.  

I am the most excited about adding the 2011 SDCC (San Diego Comic Con ) exclusive to our collection.  Since really getting into MH, I have been drooling over this doll forever!   I guess I just really relate to Ghoulia.   She is kind of a fangirl.  She enjoys cosplay, reading comics, and going to conventions.  Just a few of the things that I enjoy as well.   If you have followed my blog for a while, you are probably familiar with my Star Wars costumes.  We got her off of Ebay, which as a general rule I avoid buying MH dolls there.  But, it is impossible to get her since she was an exclusive.  Now, I need to work on getting a SDCC 2010 exclusive Frankie.  Well, if you are out hunting the new Monster High dolls all I can say is GOOD LUCK!!

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