Saturday, June 23, 2012

Found some older Monster High dolls last night

Since Mattel has been shipping Monster High dolls left and right.  We have been heading out to check Walmart's late night stocking.   I still haven't found any of the new dolls in store yet.  I broke down and ordered the DDG dolls from Toys R Us and Roller Maze from Amazon.     I just hate paying for shipping.   The DDGs arrived yesterday and I think I am going to post a review about those.  They really are beautiful.   The Roller Maze should arrive sometime next week.  

Our first stop on the monster hunt was the stop of the night.   We picked up a Holt and a DOTD Clawdeen.  SCORE!!!   It is nice to see that some of the older dolls are being shipped back out.  I am not sure if they are coming back out or if it is just getting rid of older stock.  

Holt was regular price but the Clawdeen was $15, which was the clearance price from a few months ago.   If you are looking for some of the older dolls, start checking your stores.  I have heard from others that the Wave 1 and Wave 2 dolls have been popping up in Targets and TRUs.   But, I think the best success has been Walmarts.  

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