Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monster High Dolls

   Does anyone else have kids crazy about Monster High dolls?  I bought my oldest daughter 2 MH dolls for Christmas the year they came out.  Secretly, I bought them because I just thought they were so cool.  I really wanted them for myself.

 If you aren't familiar with them, the "ghouls" are the teenage children of famous movie monster.  There are 4 novels, geared toward a tween/teen age group and online webisodes that continue their story as go through high school.   The novels and webisodes have a really great underlying message of acceptance.  

This past Christmas she got another one and that really sparked her interested. Since Christmas, she has gotten 13 more.  The only thing is that these dolls are crazy hard to find!  My husband and I have been running to every store we can think of to find these girls.   Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart have all had exclusive dolls that we have been trying to get.   There is little to none on the shelf.   I swear some of the stores haven't restocked since Christmas.
We are still looking for one.  We have actually been looking for Abbey for 6 months!!   Abbey is the daughter of the Yeti.  Of course, I can find her on Ebay going for somewhere in the neighborhood of $60.   I just refuse to support scalpers on Ebay $60 for a $20 doll.  
Anybody else having a headache finding Monster High dolls?

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