Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY- Custom Monster High onesie

My older daughter and I are completely obsessed with the Monster High dolls.  I posted last week about our frustration in finding the new dolls.   My oldest decided that her little sister needed to get into Monster High at the rip old age of 2 weeks old.

We decided that we would decorate a onesie in MH style.

I purchased just a basic white onesie.  I really wanted a black one, but no such luck finding one.

I traced the MH logo onto tracing paper.  Then cut the shape out and drew it onto white felt.  After that, I drew the bow on pink felt.  I stitched those together.

Then I added the eyes and nose, both cut from black felt.   stitched those to the skull design and stitched onto the onesie.

I added ribbon trim around the sleeves. It looks super cute with a mini black and pink tutu.
The total for this project was about $4.

I would like to create her some other onesies for summer, so she can be mini fangirl .

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