Thursday, March 21, 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog....

Earlier this year, I decided that I would start a new blog focusing on thrift shopping for vintage/retro toys and mine and my daughters' growing  Monster High doll collection, among other things.  I chose to start the new blog, because I felt that I had lost interest, inspiration, and was lacking a direction with this blog.  I don't have the time to post everyday, like I used too.  That kind of makes me a sad deal finder.     And also that the readers of this blog wouldn't be interested in my obsession with toy collecting.   Now I am wondering should I somehow try to merge the two together?

My other blog is small at the moment and because of that, I am finding that it is getting spammed more and more.   This is kind of a new problem for me.  I know it happens, I just never really had it happen when I was starting out with this blog.  It is frustrating and  I feel more confused then ever.  Why should I waste my time blogging for spammers.   I just don't know what direction to proceed in.  

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  1. Starting a new blog IS hard work!
    Hoping over to check it out....