Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrift Find- Leather Weekend Bag

I haven't blogged anything on here in weeks.   I have been kind of busy creating another blog, Retro Toy Safari.   It is mainly about my love of toys.   Recently, a new Goodwill store opened very to close to my home and work.    Whenever I get a few spare minutes to myself, I will go explore and see what I can find.

Lately, my favorite store has been a great source of vintage toys.  I have found about 8 first generation 1 Transformers, some G3 My Little Ponies, some Star Wars items.   I even found a brand new Monster High doll in a bag of fun!

Today, was a great shopping day at the Goodwill, not so much in the toy department, but elsewhere. I found this bag and I have been showing it to anyone who would look at it.   I spotted a lady looking at it from over a shelf.    I was just hoping that she would put it back and luckily she did!!  It has this beautiful Bohemian quality to it.   I picture the former owner as a world travel that returned with this as souvenir.

The bag is leather on the inside and the outside trim.    The buckles and closure are brass, in need of some polishing.  The tapestry appears to be handmade and looks like it could possibly be from South America.   The picture doesn't do justice to the colors of the tapestry.  

 Today,with it being President's Day,  the entire store was 50% off so I got the bag for $2. 25.   I can't wait to use it for an adventerous weekend away. 

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